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Online Brand Management

Online Community Development

Maximize the reach and relevance of your online channels, converting community members into lifelong customers of your brand.

  • Content Planning & Execution
  • SEO-friendly Content Writing
  • Mailing List Building & Curation
  • High-touch Customer Service

Social Media Marketing

Harness the real-time marketing power of social media, engaging fans, friends and followers with inspired viral content, driving fierce and lasting brand loyalty.

  • Management Services
  • Campaign & Strategy Development
  • Branding & Integration
  • Monetization & Advertising

Web Design & Development

Mobile-first, responsive web designs focused on maximizing every page view, regardless of the technology your fans are using to browse. Built on WordPress, you have the power to take full control of the content on your site, leveraging the most widely used and user-friendly CMS on the planet.

  • Custom Website Design & Content Planning
  • Branding & Art Direction
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Network Integration
  • Custom Programming

Global E-Commerce Solutions

officialCOMMUNITY offers comprehensive, online brand management for global, event-driven entertainment brands. We can also provide a la carte functionality and services for other brand-related, industry stakeholders. So, if you just need to add something to your existing platform, website or promotion, we have turnkey solutions and consultants that can help.

Global Branded Multi-Currency E Commerce

We transact and serve in true, multi-currencies to end customers around the globe. From the order receipt, to the credit card statement, right through to customer service, you'll leverage your trusted brand at every stage of the customer experience – IN YOUR OWN NAME.

  • Global Shipping & Logistics
  • Fully-branded Transaction & Fulfillment
  • Nielsen SoundScan & Official Charts Company Reporting
  • New Product Design & Development
  • On-Demand Merchandising
  • High-touch, Branded Customer Care

Event Ticketing

It's your event — shouldn't you sell your own tickets? Whether an outdoor festival, a sporting event, a book signing, a club show or a world tour, we provide quality service and smooth transactions from the frontline to the backend to fans worldwide.

  • Best Seat Presales
  • Full Event Ticketing
  • Scalper Prevention
  • Tour Marketing
  • Accounting, Settlement & Reporting

Bundle With Tickets

Do you want a first-week chart number? Or just move some merchandise? Selling a large volume of event tickets provides you the opportunity to bundle another product simultaneously.

  • Planning, Logistics & Program Management
  • Platform Development
  • Code Creation & Delivery
  • Messaging
  • Product Redemption
  • Nielsen SoundScan & Official Charts Company Reporting
  • Accounting, Settlement & Reporting

Experience Packages & V.I.P. Programs

Meet & greets, backstage tours, soundcheck parties, off-site after parties, and more! Whether it's a glimpse behind the scenes, or a face-to-face meeting with their idol, give your fans an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience handled with care.

  • Program Planning & Development
  • Customer-Tour Logistics
  • On-The-Road Concierge Services
  • Product Development

Online Fan Club & Subscription Services

Activate your brand's most ardent fans and reward them for a lifetime of loyalty with the opportunity to take a step into the inner sanctum. Premium content, regular contests, limited offers, never-before-seen (or heard!) media, annual gifts, exclusive access and much, much more.

  • Business Modelling & Projections
  • Branding, Marketing & Promotions
  • Content Planning
  • Gift Development & Fulfillment (Digital or Physical)

Consultant Services


Certified Google Analytics experts translate your data into actionable plans that help you maximize your brand's potential. Campaign-to-campaign, let measured, tangible results give invaluable insight and guide your next big decision.

  • Measurement Plan Development
  • Insights Analysis
  • Campaign Building
  • Goal Planning & Set-up


Get the most out of your ad spends with optimized Facebook, Google and AdRoll advertising campaigns targeted to your most relevant audiences — tailored to their unique tastes and needs.

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Creative Development
  • Campaign Building & Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Insights Analysis & Reporting


In-house developers are available to build custom tools and craft tailored solutions that keep your online brand presence, from content and design to community and commerce, at the cutting edge of today's technology.

About Us

Kevin Leflar: Co-founder, President & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Kevin Leflar's unique perspective and innovative strategies are rooted in a commitment to empower clients to expand their business online, in a direct relationship with their own audience. With an extensive background in both the music industry and the technology sector, Kevin is one of Canada's best-known authorities on the impact of digital technology on the music industry and is highly sought for international speaking engagements.

Our Team

Our team's technical expertise is in brand management, content management, project management, custom software development and cloud computing.

Our executive team, board members, and advisors bring operating expertise in Internet products and services. Our angel investors, including many entrepreneurs, have over 125 investments in technology companies and several successful exits and IPOs.


2238 Dundas Street West, P.O. BOX 59039, Toronto, Ontario M6R 3B5

To discuss business development or partnering opportunities, please email or call +1 (416) 469-1866