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Artist-Branded Pre-Sale Ticketing

Direct presale ticketing helps Artists make direct customers of their fans across product lines, now and long into the future

Working alongside existing website stakeholders, OCC can deploy its proprietary Artist-branded ticketing platform on a logical subdomain of the Artist’s official website, becoming a seamless part of the existing web presence.

Direct Artist Presale Ticketing Drives Results


75000 150000 tickets sold

Why officialCOMMUNITY Presale Ticketing?

Experienced & Trusted

Over 1 million presale tickets sold

Anti-scalping ticketing system

Service changes lower than Ticketmaster

Well known and well regarded by all concert promoters globally


officialCOMMUNITY has a long-standing history and track record providing presale ticketing, brand management, and e-commerce services to some of the music industry’s biggest names.


officialCOMMUNITY can work autonomously or alongside existing website stakeholders to deliver the only fully Artist-branded solution in the game, seamlessly deploying our proprietary ticketing platform on a logical subdomain of the Artist dot com.


officialCOMMUNITY presale ticketing has been the engine that delivers Artists an ‘always on’ world-class web presence that is self-funding and profitable. No upfront costs to deploy, maintain or operate + profit split and shared service fee revenue to the Artist.


VIP Services

The Ultimate Live Event Fan Experience

officialCOMMUNITY provides white label VIP package services for artists looking to offer fans an enhanced concert experience while maximizing tour-related revenue effectively ensuring no money is left on the table. And with OCC’s Ticketing platform and presale program in place, VIP package sales are a natural add-on. VIP packages with or without tickets can be made available alongside presale tickets during the presale window and perpetually on the site until final days leading up to each show date.

How Does It Work?

OCC Ticketing & VIP team handles the sale, settlement, customer service and logistics, coordinating seamlessly with the Tour-provided VIP liaison on the road and with the VIP customers.Our packages are tailored to accommodate each artist’s unique requirements while leveraging the established brand for maximum direct artist sales.

Establishing Parameters

Will the package include a meet and greet? Will it be a sound check experience or a post-show reception? Will there be a merchandise component? Working with management and the artist, together we rough out the offer.

Refine the Offer; Set the Budget

Based on the parameters, we propose the package and the price-point. We work together to get it perfect. From there we set the budget, against which the program operates. Agreed upon costs, expenses, forecasted revenue, knowns and unknowns are factored for a transparent financial picture.


We place our Ticketing platform on a subdomain of the official artist website for maximum visibility, and to establish the artist’s direct relationship with the customer.

Marketing and Sales

From the artist’s mailing list to Facebook, our in-house marketers rollout a unified product launch in conjunction with the larger tour announcement. We directly handle the marketing of the program from day-one through the end of the cycle for maximum sales.

The Show

officialCOMMUNITY handles all customer service leading up to the show and works directly with the Tour on the night of to ensure a smooth VIP experience for all involved.

No upfront cost.

All costs and fees are recovered from program revenue so the artist is never out of pocket. We present the accounting quarterly, and we write the artist a check for their net share of the profit.

“My backstage experience in Denver was more than exciting! I have been a devoted,
hard core fan of this band for 40 years. It was a dream come true… I myself will do it again and again.”